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Great True Story – New Book in the Ready


It has been many years since Michael de Jong hung out with Mother Teresa. He told me that the first encounter he had with the soon to be announced Saint, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was when she held her hand up with all fingers spread wide. She said to him, while using her fingers to count out each of her words,”You – do – this – for – me!” “Me,” she quickly explained to him was not herself, but God. Soon de Jong was given his first assignments in working for Mother Teresa and would return to work with her for another seven years.  Prior to that fateful day de Jong takes us on his journey of a searching and unhappy man after a lifetime of pursuing the almighty buck. His adventure takes him across many parts of India pursuing false gurus before finding himself and his inner peace is the slums of Calcutta, assisting the work of a remarkable woman in the name of God.


Buddha Press’ Niche, Philosophy and Symbol


Buddha Press was created to help enlightened non-fiction authors get their books published in all electronic formats, for print-on-demand and paper books for direct sales. It is connected to the Vancouver School of Writing whose mission it is to empower new authors in the incredible potential of the electronic age.

Buddha Press DOES NOT publish New Age Books only.  Au contraire, we believe a Zen path is to stay open to all things. We are not higher than thou. Just like the old Buddhist caution, if you meet the Buddha on your path, kill him, if we were to proclaim that we were a publishing path to only the spiritually enlightened, then we have lost it.  That said, we do have a niche.

Our niche is non-fiction books whose authors fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Writers
  • Speakers
  • Artists
  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Fabulous Entrepreneurs (all of above)

The symbol for the Buddha Press is from actual figurines (their relative sizes were altered) which were separate “gifts” that used to sit on either end of a well-known BP author’s desk, until one day she put them together and a big Aha! went up to the heavens and the A to Zen book series and Buddha Press was born.  Not wanting to just publish one authors’ great ideas, it became the symbol for all Aha! non-fiction authors.