Welcome to Buddha Press (2009) and its imprints. We have a different model of publishing.
We are committed to publishing great works from new and seasoned writers that in quality can stand spine to spine with any of the age-old publishing houses in New York and London, UK. Our authors will retain 100% copyrights and 100% of their royalties. This includes all three of its publishing imprints:

  • Buddha Press (non fiction including memoirs and creative nonfiction)
  • Lady of the Lake (fiction including all genres)
  • Press Reset World (green, progressive, intelligent and well researched nonfiction)

Ideally we want writers who are in the middle or beginning of their process and working with our story coaches or developmental editors. Unlike traditional publishers, we find it is not necessarily best to have a finished manuscript. To get the best results we want hard working writers who want to be both appreciated and challenged. The product must be at its best in order to be published by Buddha Press, but we also develop authors, coach them to take the reins of their own career, develop meaningful projects in order to live an author’s life. Go to our submissions page to learn more.

Buddha Press is connected to the VSW: Vancouver and Victoria Schools of Writing. We published the best of VSW’s students work and at our beginning published only non-fiction, but have developed two other imprints.

If you have a book you are interested in publishing please submit using these guidelines and answer the questions requested.


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