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The Happy Hammock releases second book!


Fans of the delightful book, The Happy Hammock, have been clamoring for the continuing story. And book two is finally here!

The Happy Hammock Adventure Continues…

Kathrin and John have a 3-D rendering of their dream casa they want to build on their property in the town of Libé, Mexico. Trouble is…they have no way to pay for it.

Kathrin tries everything—short of a bank heist—to secure the funds until a twist of fate intervenes. Once the money has been found, a new host of problems ensue. What is it to be the “boss lady” to a Mexican building crew? How do you furnish a casa with a color-obsessed friend while avoiding a taboo topic from the past? What do you do when a real disaster strikes? Can her marriage survive all these stresses?

Secrets are uncovered, crimes are committed, and love is challenged in the continuing saga of The Happy Hammock.

Advance Praise for Book 2 of The Happy Hammock

I loved this book. Every page is like an adventure, not knowing what would go wrong next. The author’s sense of humor bounces off the pages and makes building a house seem exciting yet challenging. Thank you for sharing your journey through your words and here’s wishing The Happy Hammock many blissful years. I enthusiastically look forward to the next one!

      – Aileen Friedman, author of My Heart and You

I loved the first book and I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this one. You know – sequels, right? I was pleasantly surprised. It’s good, it’s very good. It’s entertaining and kept me in the story from the first few pages. I got caught up with the progress of the couple and truly did not know how it would turn out. The characters are believable and flawed, the scenery is spectacular, and the writing is strong. A great escapism read

– Martin Crosbie, author of My Temporary Life trilogy

Building your dream house in your happy place can be a challenge. The Happy Hammock Builds a House is about the journey to get there and more. Lie back and enjoy the fun!

 – Edmond Gagnon, author of the Norm Strom Crime Series

What better series to read poolside than The Happy Hammock? The sequel, The Happy Hammock Builds a House, continues the humorous ups and downs (and insights) as Kathrin and John try to build their Mexican dream casa by the sea. Read it for the fun or the how-to!

– Michele Hall, author of How to Pick the Perfect Roommate

This beach town’s characters, idiosyncrasies, rhythms and magical moments shine through in lovely Technicolor, amid practical advice on building a dream home in Mexico.

    – David Kilmer, author of A Peril to Myself and Others